The Dietz Memorial Service Strategy – Technology

Dietz Memorial strives to provide the best service possible. We do this by focusing on customer needs and working with our customers to understand what is important to them. This could be color, shape, lead-time or cost. To continue our tradition of service excellence, Dietz Memorial has developed a proprietary software tool that allows our Sales Team to use technology as a tool for designing and customizing monuments, real-time, with the customer assisting in the design process. This innovative method of creating monument proofs is by far the most advanced tool available to customers in the market today. It is a simple drag and drop interface using a desktop publishing back-end that has been customized for the Dietz Company. This software tool creates the style, shape, design, family names / dates and granite color within minutes while the customer tweaks their desired memorial. A printed proof is then given to the customer or the family. Using digital pictures of the loved ones gravesite, the software designed monument can actually be placed within the photograph to show you exactly what the monument will look like in the cemetery. This gives you a very exacting idea of how your monument will look in the setting it is intended for. All you need to do is stop by one of our participating outlets to have your design created while you guide the process.