A Memorial Manufacturing Overview

Jet Black Cross Memorial

Granite is one of earth’s natural resources found in granite quarries throughout the world. Each quarry is unique in the granite found within it. Color and pattern vary at each quarry based on soil, mineral and water content from the region. Granite is mined from quarries in large cut blocks and moved to the manufacturing facility. From here, the granite block is sawed into slabs, which are cut to size, polished and shaped based on the requirements of our customers.
In order to customize each memorial, the engraving process is then performed. Engraving typically involves using a rubber stencil cut from the design selected by the customer. Then, artisans use a sandblasting technique to carve out the design left “open” by the stencil. The dwell time and angle of the sandblasting tool determines how each letter or emblem is created adding depth and character to each monument. For example, Shape carving gives monuments a 3-dimensional look to flowers or other designs by sandblasting deeper in some areas and more shallow in others. Lithochrome paint is then typically applied to the sandblasted areas to finish the lettering process.