Terms and Definitions

  • Flat Marker - A marker / memorial that lies flush to the ground and can be either a single or companion piece.

  • Bevel - A marker / memorial similar to a flat but rises in the back and is taller creating an angled engraving and personalization area. Single or companion.

  • Slant Marker - A marker / memorial that is wide at the bottom and tapers to the top with a straight back creating an angled area for engraving and personalization. Single or companion.

  • Upright Die - A marker / memorial that is upright and has a front and back for engraving and personalization. Upright die can be vertical or horizontal. Single, companion or family.

  • Base - Any piece of granite that a marker sits on to add height and a look of presentation of the piece it supports. Bases typically sit on a foundation or on the ground.